How much should I feed my 3 month old Kitten?

Currently I am feeding my cat a whole bowl of food a day. I fill it at around 10:00 – 11:00 in the morning, and he usually finishes it by 10:00 – 12:00 at night. Is this enough food? Is a 12 hour gap without food too long? I would appreciate any feeding tips and why you use them.

My little girl is neally 11 months old, I already give her whole milk in food but not to drink, when should I start mixing whole milk into her bottle, should it be now or when she turns 1?

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  1. MaryandZ says:

    I have always free fed my animals.
    Free fed means the bowl is always full.

  2. daa says:

    A lot depends on WHAT you are feeding. Kittens (and cats) need canned food (or fresh food) to avoid chronic dehydration, and they need a good quality food that’s primarily meat. I feed Wellness.

    My 4 month old kitten gets a 3 oz. can of kitten food, divided into 3 meals. She also has some dry kitten food available, for between meal snacks. My adult cat gets half of a 5.5oz can of food in the mornings, and 1/2 cup of dry in the evening.

  3. david says:

    cats will graze feed.meaning they will nibble here and there. a kitten of that age might eat more than an older cat, it cant hurt it to have food in the dish over night, and then just add to it as needed.

    you can go to your pet store and get an automatic feeder where you just pour the bag in and let gravity keep the bowl full. although some people swear on a feeding routine, i my self don’t hold to it to much. cats will eat when they are hungry.

  4. cat lover says:

    A whole “bowl” can mean different things to different people. Feeding suggestions on the package are simply suggestions, not absolutes.

    My cats are free fed, and it seems most of the food disappears overnight.

    Your kitten is undergoing a tremendous growth spurt, so I would put out more food. Not to leave it out the whole 24 hours from the initial filling, but add some more at night.

    I try to temper my amounts so that there is little left at night, when I add more, and little left in the morning when I then add more. I am striving so they don’t run out, but also don’t wind up with large amounts uneaten.

    Some cats are browsers, and want to snack throughout the day and night, and others are happy to have set times to eat.

  5. *Winter* says:

    Kittens should have food available at all times until they are at least 1 year old, they won’t get over weight usually older cats would but not kittens.

  6. David says:

    Wait until she is 3.

  7. felicia says:

    it’s best to do it when she is fully one otherwise so that it doesnt give her an problems in her digestive system

    hope that helps

  8. mummy to Paul, Shea and bump says:

    i started giving my sons whole milk about that age as long as they have a healthy diet then it shouldnt be a problem

  9. GARY I says:

    after she is about 12 months and eating food but you can still give the baby milk but she won’t eat as much because she will be full from baby milk just stop it ifs shes old enough thats what we did with all our 3 kids and there fine.

  10. always getting suspended lol says:

    Generally it is said to start once they reach 1. Whole milk doesnt contain all the nutrients formula or breast milk does thats why it is advised to start them once they reach 1 year old.

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