Burnt food smell in the whole house – how do I get rid of it?

OK, the other day I had left some tough meat to stew on the stove. I was on the phone for about an hour and I THOUGHT I had switched it off but I hadnt. When I opened the kitchen door there was thick black smoke. I am lucky the house did not catch fire. There were literally lumps of charcoal in the pot.

Now the problem is the smell. This happened 3 days ago and when you open the door to the kitchen you get a whiff – it may have soaked into the wallpaper. my sister said that she could even smell it upstairs when she opened her wardrobe. that is how bad it got.

How can I get rid of this smell but NOT FABREEZE. when I was pregnant that smell made me vomit so much and to this day I cant stand it.

i wanted to have a full nights sleep so i bought some valerian root today from whole foods today.
however i dislike drugs and any type of substance that makes me feel different or out of control.
while valerian tea feel like a powerful sedative or have any possible mind altering affect?

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  1. ALSISON M says:

    Get a good mop and mop the walls and ceiling, or repaint the kitchen.

  2. Ginny Jin says:

    Open your windows for ventilation.Wipe the walls with a bleach solution.

  3. Hebrew Scared says:

    Get some good charcoal and hang it in the affected area, believe it or not it is the best filter for smell there is. Then you need to wipe down all of your walls and cabinets with a pine oil, light scented candles and incense to replace the smell. Good luck.

    We used hanging charcoal to keep down the smell of spilled milk in the milk refrigerator at a major supermarket so that is how I know that it is effective.

  4. slippery magoo says:

    Use an ‘air freshener’ dude, it’s not that difficult is it?……

  5. Nessie from Loch Ness says:

    You can get 2 in 1 sprays from Glade, netulises smell and replaces it.

  6. sadie_oyes says:

    To get rid of the burnt smell bring lemon juice to a boil on the stove and let simmer for 20 min.

  7. JOHN B says:

    In future, eat out!!!

  8. hypnotiq8 says:

    Wipe/ wash the walls down with pine sol or some kind of cleaner and air the house out.

  9. juanna says:

    Give the oven a good clean…. White vinegar and water is a good cleaning agent and it removes smells All you can do is air the house and put some of the plug in air freshners around; and maybe some smelly wardrobe sachets. Lemon is another good thing to use when cleaning and then bake something like fresh bread to let out a nice aroma. GOOD LUCK…

  10. jimcowboy23 says:

    you my have to get a Restoration crew i could tail you but it would take a long time

  11. Tink says:

    Strong? well, as they say “individual results may vary” – I worked in the nutrition department at whole foods for 10 years while going to school, and will tell you, some people dont feel it at all, and it knocks some people on their butt and leaves them groggy the next day….some people it makes agitated…but the majority of people find it alright…I like it on occassion…..I’m going to warn you though….it tastes like dirty gym sock water.

  12. Slacker says:

    When you make hot tea with Valerian root it ruins all sedative properties because the heat destroys the substance. So you are left with a hot tea that tastes NASTY. Actually either way, Valerian root taste horrible, cold tea, capsules, whatever. Some people say it taste like dirty feet.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Buy valerian pills from CVS. they will sedate you and I’ve had good sleep on valerian

  14. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    That stuff smells like old cheesy socks – it’s disgusting! It is very relaxing, but for some people it actually has an opposite effect of stimulating the mind, I was one of those people, my God you wouldn’t believe how short tempered and angry I was on Valerian, I couldn’t sleep or anything – so as you see different people have different reactions, it’s a hard one to call.

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