are protein shakes good for people who want to lose weight?

I have 2 friends who are big into fittness, I decided that I want to lose around 3-4 stone. My first friend recomended that first for a month I should do an hour of cardio before I eat anything, have a protein shake for breakfast then have a low GI diet. After that month he said he would then start me on a weight programme jusst to tone my muscles. I spoke about this to my other friend who said that protein shakes in the morning were a bad idea because they put on weight . I dont know to do they both seem to know there stuff. I just want to lose about 4 stone to get down to about 12 stones which is my ideal wieght, but I also wanna be toned. Any fittness advice or know how would be great

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  1. Sleep says:

    Protein shakes on their own will make you put on weight, but combined with exercise they will help you build muscle more quickly, which makes you burn more calories, so overall you will become more toned and lose weight in the long run, though you have to make sure you’re only consuming the protein shake in combination with good exercising.

  2. fancy_blood says:

    you can get protein shakes to lose weight but special ones you have to ask a instructor for a name

  3. Amanda G says:

    as long as you are exercising they will not make you gain weight. If you are looking to get toned then protein shakes will be good. But don’t replace them with breakfast. You should actually eat breakfast about an hour before your workout. Then drink a shake after you strength train. Choose a good protein shake, with low sugar. I really like EAS AdvantEDGE protein shakes. They are very low in sugar and in carbs. They taste really good and are only 110 calories.

  4. A Lady says:

    If you buy the crazy “protein” powder with the 250g of added sugar (made for skinny-fat guys who want to put on mass), you will gain weight. But if you buy normal protein powder, you will only see benefits. Really. Adding protein is good for most people, especially women, and some women don’t realize they’re not getting enough until they start. Especially if your diet has been not good or full of eh-carbs and processed stuff. (And sometimes their leg cramps/pains go away, whoa!)

    It really is hard to get the kind of protein you need for strength-training without *really* watching your diet (and consuming lots of protein sources). On a per-gram-protein basis, however, something like Optimum Nutrition is actually cheaper and more efficient than eggs. One scoop – 24g protein, 120 calories, delicious (for powder)! Eggs – just eating one egg, you only get 6-7g protein and maybe 70 calories or something. Then you can figure out the cost for a dozen and compare it to the protein powder.

    Not saying you shouldn’t eat eggs – they’re good for you, too, as is natural food (and of course, veggies-veggies-veggies!). But protein powder is really helpful, esp. in instances when you’re running late or don’t have time to make yourself an elaborate meal.

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