I have just tried the Asda, Measure Up meal replacement shakes, chocolate flavour!?

OMG they are gorgeous and taste BETTER than Cambridge shakes. They are only 89p each!
Also Asda sell a meal replacement bar!

I will do this as i have loads of weight to lose!

I mean tons!

Have you or will you try them?

I am currently trying to tone up my muscles to help with endurance training and performance as well as decrease body fat pecentage. I have heard that using protein bars or even meal replacements would be a great benefit for help you shape up, is this true, if so what bars would you reccommend??

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  5. which meal replacement do you advise?


  1. weaselsmack says:

    AGREED! they are so good. they are great with red fruits (strawberries, raspberries)

  2. Nick N says:

    No they generally contain too much sugar. Use the protein milk shakes (mixed with fat free milk). This will help you to reduce your fat percentage when combined with exercise.

  3. maria46622 says:

    my brother weight trains and he puts some protein powder in water and drinks it but to be honest i think a lot of that stuff is just marketing and that if you eat a health diet and train you will naturally build up the muscles.

    Best of luck with it!

  4. myfitnesstrainer says:

    Protein bars and shakes can be very helpful. Our bodies need the right combination of amino acids (comes from protein) every 3 hours to build and repair muscle tissue. If you’re going with bars….get ones that have NO SUGAR added. Personally I prefer protein shakes. You can get the powder and mix it with skim milk and nonfat yogurt. It’s like a meal replacement that’s high in protein and very low in fat.

  5. tigerlambs says:

    Yes a protein meal replacement would be very good for you and the bars are a way to get the protein that is good.
    I personally recommend the Herbalife products. I lost 20 lbs and over a foot of body fat in2 weeks on the Shape works program. I went on to lose over 65 lbs and have kept it off for over 2 years, the protein and other herbs and minerals and vitamines in the shake have helped with my endurance, I have more energy now at 50 then I did when I was 30 and my muscle integrity is the best it has been in a long time.
    I wish you the best here is the website
    ps the bars I would recommend are there deluxe protein bars they come in lemon, chocolate peanut( taste like a snickers bar) and chocolate almond. very good

  6. withoutashadow24 says:

    Cyclone mate. (maximuscle)

    you need a mixture of creatine and protein to build up properly.

    the others are right though, the bars are expensive and not as effective as the protein shakes.

    It is a combination of factors that work though, you need to eat small meals throughout the day of high protein foods like tuna and chicken and drink plenty of water too.

  7. p money says:

    No! never replace a meal with a protein bar!!!!!!!!!!
    You will only mess up your health. A protein bar is not a meal replacement, not even a snack! A bar is like pills that you take when you dont have enough of something in your stomach. You need to get your nutrients from food. The best way to get some wear healthwise is the natural way. Eat normal foods and good exercises. You dont need thees protien bars. Eat some meat the good kind: you know like turkey or chicken breast.

  8. enrique7718 says:

    i have them all the time…. the one i eating is from VPX aero impact
    its made with tonalin sesatrim… the fat burning fats

    they are great for meeting the protein requirements needed to rebuild damaged muscles

    i have one bar a day… and two protein shakes

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