Why does live coverage of Big Brother stop audio?

When watching Celebrity Big Brother, the audio and sometimes video will cut out. I can’t see why as there is no swearing, no mention of names or companies so it can’t be a legal/libel issue…it is just normal conversation. It is so annoying, I can’t watch. And, whey do they use a singing bird overdub??

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  1. champagne says:

    there is all of what you have said…swearing,names…etc…..

  2. deadman says:

    Legal reasons, they are not allowed to broadcast anything that is said about other people in case it isn’t true, and they need to save the good bits for the hour program on C4.

  3. NUFC_4_LIFE says:

    so that they can make you watch the night time programme as you cannot hear what they say when its actually worth listening! and they could be also swearing and thats why they blank out the sound

  4. Bill A says:

    censor cutting out what they feel are inapprpriate words

  5. mackembabe says:

    It’s not live – there’s a time delay

  6. Jenna says:


  7. azn_gal says:

    i dunno i was thinking that myself, theyre not always swearing

  8. Patsyanne says:

    if those in the house mention someone by name and say that they did this or that, the tv company could get done for slander.

  9. munchie says:

    if the house mates are saying or doing anything which channel 4 can not broad cast

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