Does bodybuilding shrink your penis size?

I heard this and wanted to know if it is true as i am currently trying to bulk up. Does anyone know anything about this and i don’t want people opinions but answers

also are there any other supplements you couldnt be without, when hitting the gym!?

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  1. Voice of Reason says:

    No, just stay away from steroids.

  2. Barrack Urkel says:


  3. Colors says:

    No it does not:if you use roids your nuts will shrink

  4. Johnny says:

    Yes it does 2 reasons
    1. it will look smaller if the rest of your body is bigger
    2. steroids (and excessive bodybuilding) will cause Hypogonadism

  5. bhavik15 says:

    ive never heard of that.
    at the most it might be any supplements that you take that could do it
    lifting weights at young age will stunt growth, the rumor might have stemmed from that
    mountain dew will make ur dick small(fake)

  6. mydickbender says:

    it shrinks your brain size. p p stays the same

  7. foolymoux says:

    No, it has no effect on penis size.

    I think this rumour started because some bodybuilders use steroids to enhance performance and steroids can have some very nasty/bizarre side effects.

  8. pidgeon! says:

    no, it doesn’t shrink your penis. but as you bulk up it may have the illusion on looking smaller, because everything else is getting bigger.

  9. johndamelio39 says:

    super pump 250 is a very good creatine blend, not too much protein in it, has a bit of ginseng for energy, alot of water weight though, you will look bigger than you are stronger…. i would reccomend stacking it with a protein iso for best results….

    but still you should prolly throw out the superpump 250 and just upgrade to sustanon 250,,,,bout a million times better results, but your looking at several hundred dollars and “dirty” pee

  10. JMK says:

    SuperPump 250 is a powder that its producer recommends be used every day 30-40 minutes prior to training, preferably on an empty stomach. They also suggest avoiding consuming a meal or protein shake within 45 minutes to an hour of taking it. The product is definitely not supposed to be a meal replacement and is to be used as a dietary supplement. It comes in three flavors including fruit punch, orange and blue raspberry. Some users have complained that the orange flavor produced mild stomach upset, but almost all report that the flavors are otherwise tolerable.

    Although some testimonials complained about the orange flavor, almost all report a big increase in lean mass of the arms using their normal workout routine about 30 minutes after taking the product. These testimonials seem to be in step with the manufacturer’s claims. Other testimonials report an overall gain in size and strength as well as more noticeable pumps and increased energy.

    Two important things that users pointed out were (1) don’t take the stuff within four hours of bedtime and (2) don’t take any additional stimulants while taking SuperPump 250. Also, they said that your water intake will rise substantially, many users reporting that a gallon a day was pretty normal.

    While the benefits of SuperPump 250 need to be evaluated by the individual bodybuilder based upon his or her specific goals, SuperPump 250 does appear to be worth checking out in your effort to gain muscle.

    If you drink a lot of filtered or purified water throughout the day and take sun chlorella (look it up on the net, though some health food stores like the Vitamin Shop carry it.) as well as eat as healthy as you can (whole foods) this is probably all the supplementation you really need.

    Hopes this help you decide what to do about this product.

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