What are some weight gain pills i can get at GNC?

I am a girl, and i am too skinny. I wanted to get some pills at GNC to help me gain a little weight. Any suggestions?

I swear, every GNC or GNC type shop I’ve gone to, has had a muscle bound prick with a bad attitude. I just want to pick up a container of creatine, they act like they want to pick a fight.

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  1. Deal me a crippling blow!!! says:

    I wouldn’t suggest weight gaining pills… I’ve read they are not too healthy. If you really need help, then I would suggest some weight gain shakes. I used to drink them when I was younger and very underweight. (14 years old, 5’4″, and 75 lbs) The shakes aren’t very tasty, but you can add whatever you want to add flavor. I added chocolate syrup :D

  2. Moo C says:

    Roid rage.

  3. Baby girl due Aug 2nd. #2 for me says:

    Maybe your picking the wrong GNC’s to go into because all the ones around here are usually females and very nice when we go into them.

  4. Twitter says:


  5. jazzy says:

    Report them to the supervisor.

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