Maximuscle Progain protein shake does it really work and when will i see results.?

how should to take progain maximuscle?
it says take 2 scoops with the 130 ml scoop they provide in the container, so does that mean take two full size scoops with the provided scoop?

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  1. Brad G says:

    Protein shakes are just supplements that help you to get more quality protein into your diet. Whether or not they are for you depends on how you eat, what your goals are, and how you train. If your goal is to gain muscle then you should be consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (not just from shakes, meals are even more important). Assuming that you are getting enough protein, training heavy, and have about a 10-20% calorie surplus above your maintain level you can expect to gain a couple pounds a month.

  2. Anthony M says:

    Hey i am taking Nitro-Tech® Hardcore and it is working so i woud buy some good protine and not some cheep stuff.

  3. ejfv2007 says:

    Hi – yep it means take 2 of the scoops in the Progain container. If you want any weight gainer to work really well then make sure you add it on top of a good diet. For example, eat 5-6 meals/snacks and then add in the Progain. Too many guys forget to do this.

    Regarding what the other poster said, I wouldn’t worry about it…..Progain is a good supplement and if he did his research he’d know it’s also a high-end weight gainer. I read a good article about maltodextrin (the carb in progain) and they actually tested progain for its GI. It’s apparently got a pretty low GI for a weight gainer (most are just full of pure sugar which will just make you fat). Check it out

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