What GNC supplements should I take to get ripped?

I’ve been taking muscle milk for about a year and now I want to take something ells that will help me get ripped and works better.

Looking to gain weight fast…having trouble keeping weight on with working out an eating 4000 calories a day is basically impossible…What can i buy legally that will give me tons of calories each day, so my meals then basically equal out to extra calories for weight gain?

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  1. Monikka K says:

    if u wana lose weight at home without exercising……
    the best way to lose weight

    and u will find so many tips for weight loose and weight loose reciepes.
    u can try them and lose weight at home easily.

  2. physics_guy_78 says:

    go to this website:


    they will help you out

  3. Mr. Angry says:

    a weight gainer, theres tons of them out there. but dont expect to gain to muscle that quickly

    and theres no “illegal” way to get lots of calories

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