If you are sick and you drink 5-hour energy drink, what are the side effects?

My boyfriend is sick and he has work tomorrow. He can’t call in sick tho. So, I decided that I was going to stop by his work place and give him 5-hour energy drink and some cold medicine. Would he be okay with taking both? :(

My buddy drank a 5 hour energy drink and he got 2 seconds off.
My other buddy drank red line and hes looks ok.

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  1. Magnum Heaven says:

    he will have lots of energy and feel sick

  2. caligurl194 says:

    No, bad idea
    You could end of having something like a heart attack

  3. Zenitram says:

    It’s always best just to keep a healthy routine in day to day life…
    Exercising every day and eating the right foods will lead to sufficient energy… than a shot wouldn’t be needed… if hes serious about being an athlete, he would live accordingly.

  4. robert C says:

    if they take a sample from you and see the high caffeine , you will be disqualified

  5. William Ensor says:

    This is a bad idea, when you overload your body with caffeine there is a negitive effect aswel. with the big high you get, you also get a low. Everybodys body is different and may not all have the sugar rush for 5 hours, athletes would use this up far quicker then the average person.

    As for the 2 seconds off, you cant put hard work and racing hard infront of a drink. Its was all down to the work he put in and the preparation that he had for this race.

    Also not to mention, you can fail a drugs test for to much caffeine.

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