Food Allergy. Is Imperial Margarine Casein Free?

My little niece is allergic to casein. She’s coming for Thanksgiving. Is Imperial Margarine casein free? Or any other brands for sure? She definitely can’t have butter.
Let me add that I am not vegetarian nor vegan but I respect those that are and wish to accommodate if I can. Her mom asked if I could use Soy Butter. I never even heard of casein until this week!

There is casein protein powders that come in fruit flavors. I have whey protein that is vanilla milkshake flavored, and is pretty thick. Is casein protein as thick as whey protein?, because I would not want a Blueberry milkshake.

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  1. Matt T says:

    its has whey

  2. MonMon says:

    Imperial margarine is made from soy beans NO CASEIN

    Casein is found in all milk products, and is commonly found in bread, crackers, cookies, cakes, prepared meats, soy cheese!, soups, gravies, potato chips (UK: crisps), margarine, and even in many products labeled “non-dairy”, such as whipped topping and creamer. Even if casein has not been added deliberately, there may be cross-contamination in the factory if dairy products are processed in the same facility. For the same reason, although whey is a different protein, it’s likely to be contaminated with casein and should not be used by those intolerant of casein.

  3. ★★Hello January 20th!!!★★ says:

    I can’t remember if it contains casein, but it definitely contains whey. I only know because it’s a brand my mom used to buy a lot. If it’s something you have on hand, why not just read the ingredients? Or if you’re going shopping, just look for a margarine whose ingredients don’t include casein. Earth Balance is one brand that is casein-free, but it’s probably close to twice the price of any cheap shitty margarine.

  4. hcd_monty says:

    Probably easiest is to ask her mom which margarine she eats. They stick milk in all kinds of things. Watch out, even most of the non-dairy cheeses have casein added. Most margerines have small amounts of casein in them, as some butter is added to make they taste, well, buttery.
    If you want to be 100% certain, just make your own out of olive oil. Put some extra-virgin olive oil in a small container, put the lid on and shake, shake, shake and put it in the fridge. Shake it every day, and after about 3 days the olive oil will harden into a soft margeriney-type substance. If you’re going to bake with it, you can skip that step and just use olive oil instead of margarine.

  5. Yamster says:

    Yes, but it tastes much more chalky, and way worse in my opinion. The only way I can have that stuff is by making a shake out of it. Here’s my shake…

    -1 scoop chocolate casein protein
    -1 organic banana bought from a health food store
    -1 tablespoon peanut butter (I make my peanut butter at Whole Foods, it’s natural and much healthier than the store bought junk; if you buy it at a store, buy organic, all natural peanut butter..that is generally healthy)
    -1 cup milk (buy whole milk, preferably UNhomogenized)

    Mix it all together and the shake is decent. I tried a scoop of casein only with water once. I never made shakes before that, but it tasted horrible, so this shake is pretty decent.

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