how much does protein powder cost for 1 month supply and how to make it?

hi, how much does a one months supply of protein powder cost roughly and how do i mix it and make it???

I am trying to lose fat and not muscle so would it be ok to mix the powder into my porridge to bulk it up a bit. I’ve heard that heat can damage the protein so I guess I’d have to wait untill the porridge cooled down before adding it? Also any ideas for good protein powder appreciated.

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  1. MrsMike says:

    Check around for deals. Vitamin World has a really good Whey Protein for $ 17.99 and it is about 30 servings. If you do 2 shakes a day than it would cost less than $ 40./month. Mix with 8 oz. of Milk or water. I would strongly suggest getting a shaker cup or have a blender… protein really mixes well with a spoon.

  2. spirit of radio says:

    Protein powder is a huge rip off industry.
    Don’t bother with it. You will get plenty, in fact excess, protein from you diet. People in the West consume about 3 times protein than they need and even extreme weight trainers really do not have to alter their diets very much. This picture of body builders with steak and raw eggs and stuff on a table in front of them is absolute rubbish. Even training very hard, you really only have to consume perhaps some more carbohydrate, not protein.

  3. Andi Star says:

    yep, you can add it to your porridge – you can also add egg whites or cottage cheese to add more protein.
    For breakfast I have 1/3cup oats, 2 scoops of protein powder, 3 egg whites and some cinnamon. Stir it all up with some water to make a batter then drop into a hot pan to make 4 pancakes – YUMMY – especially with sugar free maple syrup and sultanas!
    Btw I also add 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder and whizz it up in my coffee – tastes like a lovely french hot chocolate!
    I use Horleys Ripped Factors which has 111 calories and less then 1 gram of fat and carbs.

  4. Emma Chizzett says:

    You DO realise that this protein powder is little except “WHEY” – and that is a waste product from the diary industry. It’s what’s left over from the production of butter and cheese and farmers used to have to pay to have it carted away until somebody (guess where !) found a way of producing money from it in the form of this rubbish which, unfortunately, does very little for anybody except the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The consumer gets nothing from it except a reduction in the weight of his wallet ! ! !

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