What is the best appetite suppressant out there? From GNC?

I hear Slim Quick is good…I havent tried anything besides Hoodia, which made me feel soooo sick and did nothing for my appetite…

I need this for a short term, for a 3 month period, im trying to lose a bunch of weight before Feb, and I have NO TIME to hit the gym.

Thanks. Oh, please dont tell me “exercise and eat right”..Im ONLY interested in Pills right now.

I’ve been reading way to many good reviews about Cell-Tech to gain muscles, but then I’ve been at GNC twice, and different salesman sell me out of it, and I end up buying something else, claiming that the reviews are people getting paid for it. I’m in Anator right now, but after that I wanna get into Cell-Tech. Should I or should I not?

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  1. I wonder says:


  2. DKNY D says:

    Sorry, I can not recommend GNC product or any commercial diet pills. the scary part is you do not know what you are exactly paying for and putting into your mouse. There is no regulation or law under FDA says whats inside content has to be accurate with the label. This is why I only buy Shaklee product.

  3. Rob B says:

    Pills will mess you up. You may lose weight but you’ll gain it all back. Plus, since the supplements industry is unregulated, you do not know what you are putting into your body. That stuff is snake oil as far as I’m concerned.

    If you want a real and safe appetite suppressant, try water. It puts something in your gut, expands the foods you eat on top of it, and helps your body process waste.

    If you have not time to hit the gym, that’s OK. If you’re not a regular at the gym you’ll gain the weight back when you stop going anyway. Park in the last row of the parking lot. Walk around the mall to do your Christmas shopping, and, most important exercise of all, push yourself away from the table before you have seconds.

  4. sergio says:

    get what you want as long as it’s not cell-tech!!!!!!!!!!
    cell-tech is a waste of money in my opinion.

  5. says:

    GNC, or Herbalife, and sell this stuff. No training.

    I thought of an additional question: would you support the regulation of herbal supplements, with clear drug interaction info? That seems like a logical solution to me, although would increase the burden on the FDA.]]>

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