GNC Pro Performance® AMP Strength Vitapak® Program, What Does It Do Or Help?

I recently bought this product at gnc along with the AMP protien 60 powder . I want to know If its okay to take this even on resting days, or not ? And what exactly does it do ? I took it today for the first time before going to my gym and I didn’t feel a difference. Does it come in with time of using it ? Answer all questions please

im tired or the chocolate tastes of the gnc whey protein and i was wondering if i can add any fruits? What do you guys recommend?

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  1. dragon breath says:

    this is the car audio section.

    i can tell you too be very careful with all of these super concentrated proteins. they can cause permanent damage to your liver. it is truly not worth the risk.

  2. badasskickboxer11 says:

    I used to work at GNC, I personally don’t think their products are top quality. I would recommend Myoplex, which comes in lots of different flavors which you can add any fruits to. I drink vanilla in the morning with frozen berries or a banana. For GNC Chocolate shakes, however, I would recommend adding some natural peanut butter. It doesn’t have the trans fats that regular peanut butter has. You do need to stir up the natural peanut butter as it is normal for a small liquid layer to be on top. Add 2 spoonfuls. As for adding fruit with a chocolate drink? Maybe a banana.

  3. Goodguy24 says:

    Disagree. I have found that EAS’s Myoplex is just overpriced. Yes, you can have liver damage, but that is only if you are stupid enough to not hydrate yourself properly and actually follow through with an efficient workout. People think that supplement programs will make them fit. It won’t. It will help, but only if your diet is appropriate and you drink tons of water. If you don’t drink enough it just logs all the protein in your muscle because your body doesn’t want to kill your liver. Also, If you don’t work hard enough, and i mean really work out, it will just make you fatter. Especially with whey protein. I like RE-BUILT MASS. Though I am a guy, I would not recommend Strength packs or RE-BUILT MASS for women.
    If you want something gentle and easy, use PROMASIL. I like the taste, its vanilla. And REBUILT MASS is chocolate, but by far the best chocolate i’ve ever had. Nothing like the AMP 60.
    Best of luck, keep it up.

  4. mtsuciya says:

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