Is a Monster Energy drink bad for a Kid?

My son is 10 but big for his age, but still 10 and he likes to drink Monster Energy drinks, Are they bad for a kid?

I’m 13 and i want to try one monster drink, but i want to know if theirs an age limit. i know 2 people and there 14 and they drink it. so ya…
i read some things about monster drinks and same people at the stories don’t let some kids 13-15 buy it?

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  1. Destiny N says:

    It’s bad for anyone.

  2. Cookie Pizza says:

    yessss the correct age to drink em would be at 13-14

    he might have problems going peeing later.

  3. Lala says:

    Yes. An energy drink is full with sugar that help people keep them energized during the day. If a kid drinks it his blood sugar will rise and his heart will start beating faster because of the energy drink. Then the heart will beat so fast, it will cause a heart attack at a young age. I hope this helps. :]

  4. Gary C says:

    Are you kidding?
    That stuff is bad for anyone.
    It’s rocket fuel.

  5. Foodie Girl says:

    Way too much caffeine, way too much sugar.
    He should not drink these, they are meant for adults.

    Too much caffeine can cause alot of health problems ESPECIALLY in children.

  6. Ghetto swaqq says:

    monster energy drinks
    Nutritional Facts / Information
    Serving Size oz
    Calories 12
    Fat — g
    Calories from Fat —
    Sugar 3 g
    Carbs 3 g
    Caffeine — mg
    Sodium 22 mg
    Protein — mg
    Potassium — mg
    Nutraceutical Information
    Taurine 6 mg
    Ginseng 6 mg

    now say the serving size is 4
    Calories 50
    Fat — g
    Calories from Fat —
    Sugar 13 g
    Carbs 13 g
    Caffeine — mg
    Sodium 88 mg
    Protein — mg
    Potassium — mg
    Nutraceutical Information
    Taurine 24 mg
    Ginseng 24 mg

    now say the serving size is 8
    Calories 100
    Fat — g
    Calories from Fat —
    Sugar 26 g
    Carbs 26 g
    Caffeine — mg
    Sodium 176 mg
    Protein — mg
    Potassium — mg
    Nutraceutical Information
    Taurine 49 mg
    Ginseng 49 mg

    i hope this helped you out.

    No, energy drinks are not good for you! They are PACKED with large amounts of sugar that make you feel great when you first drink them and soon after, but an hour or two after you are through it feels like you’ve been sedated and need to take a nap. I’m sure you know the feeling. Also, the large quantities of sugar found in energy drinks, such as monster energy drink, when ingested over time cause weight gain, many many health problems and sugar has been shown in many studies to promote cancers in the human body. So if you want a nice energy boost, stick with hot or iced herbal tea. It has antioxitdants which actually fight the cancer cells away from your body

  7. avballerina says:

    There is no age limit. There isn’t any alcohol in it.

  8. hamzam05 says:

    its an energy drink, not an alcohol drink

  9. Martin DeMott says:

    LOL This is a funny question, but yeah you could be any age, but like coffee its not recommended for younger individuals. :)

  10. Awesomist007 says:

    NO AGE LIMIT ON ENERGY DRINKS! granted, it isn’t that great but it is addicting…unless you want to spend like 3 bucks on a drink everyday(and you will if you start), and have sleepless nights, than go right ahead!

  11. tehpurplepills says:

    monster isnt even that good, try bawls first its much better

  12. curious says:

    You can buy Monster…

    You can’t buy Redline. Some places card you and some don’t. I wouldn’t bother even if I was under 18 though because Redline tastes like crap.

  13. jdubs says:

    its non-alcoholic, you can buy it when you turn 1

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