Can you buy whey protein powder and dry powdered milk with food stamps?

(food benefits card)

Have use inlet muscle milk protein + chocolate and it’s nasty unless I add nesquick

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  1. Tara says:

    Dry milk im sure. If your buying Whey — NOT an essential food – you shouldn’t be using food stamps!! Dont waste OUR tax money on non-essentials!

    • kk says:

      Hey Tara
      Its not your money honey, EBT recipients pay taxes too AND MAJORITY ARE employed- Im a single parent who works out with her sons and if we want protein in our diet what the hell do you care if we do it in the form of powder or peanut butter? You might want to look inside yourself and explore why the topic causes a flare up in you. We can go on allllll day about where all of our tax money is going. Id rather not waste my energy, cause then I would just upset you by needing an increase in food stamps to buy more protein….

  2. Methodus says:

    Hands down the best tasting protein powder on the market right, |(Plus it won 2011 Whey Protein Supplement of the Year)

    Is Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey

    I have used both the : Double Rich Chocolate and Extreme Milk Chocolate. (They have many flavors though)

    Those 2 are very good, taste like choc milk.

    And yes I agree Muscle milk taste horrible. Go with the above and you wont regret it I promise.

    You can purchase it at GNC or

  3. *COWBOY* says:

    Simple answer. you can buy SOME protein with food stamps. Check the label. If it says “supplement information” its a no go. If it says “nutritional information” yes you can buy it. It really is that simple. I just walked across the street to the Kroger supermarket and all the high end body builder brands were not allowed. But they had two allowed brands. One was EAS and the other was Krogers own brand.

    This works on everything basically not just protein btw..

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