What is the best testosterone from GNC?

I want more lean muscel and less fat. I am 18. “Please no comments on how testosterone is bad and how i shouldnt take it”

Does anyone know of a good belly fat burner that is sold at GNC?

I want someone who can say it has worked for them from experience I’m looking to get trim this summer Xmas cookies have not served me well. lol. I intend to exercise as well of course I’ve already started to eat better as well. Just asking.


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  1. sam_we_is says:

    No offense, but hormone treating yourself at 18 is a plain BAD idea. You’ve got a young enough body to actually get out and earn your body the hard way, and so you should. The health problems could lead to infertility, racing heart, et cetera… Please just go out and get some exercise!

  2. Milton says:

    Targetted weight loss is quite difficult, some peeple would declare impossible, but I melted away a few inches from my waistline by following the tips on the web portal in the box below. Give it a try, their help is very sensible!

  3. Rosa says:

    All the scientists and dieticians say targeted weight loss is unlikely, specifically in the waist and belly zones, but I achieved it with colon cleanse. I appreciate they say that pills will not work, but they certainly worked for me, and they’ve been shown on the Rachael Ray Show too. There’s a free trial going on currently at http://batomt.masterfitness.info , try it out, how worse could it make things?

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