Is it safe for a 13 year old boy to drink protein shakes?

My mum said protein shakes are not good for me at this age is she right?
I go to the gym 4 times a week.

when is the best time to drink protein shakes? and do they actually help build muscle or is this just a myth?
any recomendations for protein shakes?

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  1. Pam R says:

    Yes because they are good for you and your body as long as you are exercising

  2. Gavin says:

    think so… but just drink milk if you cant drink protein shakes

  3. Go Lakers #1 says:

    Your mum isn’t really right about the protein…

    But, the gym at 13 is pointless, damaging and unnecessary. Your muscles hardly even started growing naturally. And your already looking to break them down.

    Protein is needed at every age, especially in the earlier stages of your life.

  4. Jenny says:

    They arent bad. But you are a growing boy and you need real food and real nutrients to keep you healthy. Besides, mom knows best.

  5. nick_candiano says:

    Quit going to the gym. You shouldn’t be working out (heavily at least) until you’re older. You’ll ruin your entire growth spurt. I had a friend who did that – we’re now 19 – and he sacrificed a lot of his height in order to gain muscle mass. It’s not worth it, yet.

  6. bla says:

    yes, they are safe and good for your health.

  7. Lauren Nicole says:

    well the best time to drink it is after u go to the gym u will b thirsty but u might wanna eat something with it

  8. Kit Skit says:

    Morning, Pre-workout, and Post- workout. Any is fine, I prefer mine after workout, within 30 minutes of getting done. Protein is made of amino acids. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscle. Therefore, protein is an essential ingredient for muscle building

  9. Jeremy says:

    Post workout is when the quickly absorbed protein of protein shakes will be used most efficiently. They can help with muscle gains if you take them with adequate amounts of carbs. At least 1.5g of carbs for every gram of protein. My recommendation for a 100% whey protein is Syntrax “Matrix” protein. I mix two scoops of this with 2 egg white, 1 full egg, 2 scoops of ice cream, and a cup of milk. If money isn’t an issue I recommend you get a gainer by Optimum Nutrition called “Serious Mass”. Let me know if you have any other questions regarding protein or supplementation.

  10. Autoace says:

    They are not a myth. Muscles are protein based cells and fibers. When you work your muscles out your actually breaking down muscle. During your recovery time your body regenerates this lost muscle and makes it stronger….proteins, among other things, are what allows for this process to take place.

    Protein supplements or shakes are best taken within 30 minutes following a workout. Energy bars and pre-mixed shakes such as muscle milk are high in sugar. I would recommend EAS shakes or buying a Whey protein powder to mix yourself.

  11. Robert84 says:

    It is safe to say that virtually anything in the body (apart from obvious things like fats and water) are made from protein. When you the body turns fats, carbohydrates and proteins into glucose which can be used for energy and also some waste products. It is important that you get enough protein to build the muscle. Protein is very energy compact though, and energy which does not get used is turned into fat so you need to keep an eye that you are not gaining too much surplus body fat as well. However while most people may need to get about a third of their energy from protein sources, there is not harm in having an extra protein shake if you are trying to build muscle because you will be using up a lot more energy. The best time to eat protein rich foods is on a morning or at noon, as carbohydrates on an evening help to promote a good nights sleep.

  12. DUSTIN says:

    Yes they work. Your body needs protein to build the muscle. Depends how hardcore your going to be about it and the money you are willing to spend. It also depends on your weight. YOu don’t want to take to much protein in one setting, or your just wasting your money. Your body will only Absorb so much protein. in one setting. Body Builders will mostly take one In the morning. one before you workout, one after you workout and before you go to bed. It really depends on your schedule and your diet. go with Whey protein though, It might taste worst than soy. But your body is going to absorb it better. It will Also depend on what product you go with. It should give you directions on the quantity to take and when to take it.

  13. rat says:

    I wouldent say its neccesery but if u want to build muscle workout but only drink if u work out bcuz there made to help ur muscles grow and recover them

  14. Anonymous says:

    you should drink them right after you work ou

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