What kind of energy drinks can you buy using foodstamps?

I want to know what kind of energy drinks you can buy?

Ok I’m 13 and every Friday I go skating with my friends but everytime i’m there I have always have 2 monster energy drinks. On the back I’ve read it says not recommended for children. So what Are the effects of me having about 6 energy drinks a month?

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  1. MetaLHeaD says:

    Food stamps are for Necessities ONLY!!!!!! More and more tax dollars going to waste for food stamps. Energy drinks, prime rib, lobster, I’ve heard it all. This situation is f**king ridiculous!

    • Anon says:

      Who ever said that people that have food stamps aren’t allowed to enjoy the taste of prime rib or lobster?? Hell, now that’s f***ing ridiculous! Just because someone has to have assistance with food stamps shouldn’t mean that they’re not allowed to have that enjoyment!! My grandfather just passed away, and my grandmother has to have assistance with food stamps. She has no income, and you’re saying that it’s ridiculous that she should enjoy a steak every now and then at the cost of the state?? She worked hard all her life in cheap nasty diner, and chicken plants (which I’m pretty sure you’ve probably ate the chicken that came from any chicken plant that she’s ever worked at, if you’re as old or older than my mother and aunt,) trying to support two ungrateful daughters, (one being my mother and the other my aunt), not to mention myself included. I thinks she has every right to go out and buy a steak or prime rib, and, if she liked lobster, lobster. So, you tell me what’s more ridiculous, the poor and hungry people in this country, or people like you (someone who’s probably a rich snobby ass person who couldn’t give a shit less about the poor and hungry, and lets not forget to mention the homeless,) who think it’s wrong for someone in my grandmother’s situation, at the moment, to buy something nice to eat for themselves?

  2. virgo_eyez says:


    This states energy drinks that have the nutrition facts label are eligible for purchase, but the one’s that have the supplement facts label are considered by the FDA to be a supplement therefore they would not be eligible for purchase with food stamps. I hope this helps.

  3. kristin says:

    being really hyper then crashing really hard…ahhh

  4. C. Splints says:

    Honestly I would refrain from energy drinks altogether, I know a lot of kids in my highschool that drink them. So far there isn’t any major research totally saying they’re bad for you, but it’s very likely.

    The energy drink causes your system(including your heart) to race because of the rush of caffeine and other additives. I’m certain that in the near future we’ll start finding some major probalems with energy drinks, because we’re already finding some problems with the intake of too much caffeine in general, may it be coffee or soda or whatever, we’re getting too much of it and it’s not healthy.

  5. camera_chik says:

    It will eventually will make you die if you keep drinking them. They ran a experiment on rats in a lab and they gave them energy drinks and they eventually died. It will make you hyper. Plus you’ll probably become addicted to you;ll drink them 6 a day and you can have a seizure. My friend did that and actually had a seizure.

  6. sundeep p says:

    wow are those other answers serious? it’s like drinking 10 cans of soda basically and what does that middle answer mean they don’t know everyone knows that it’s packed with sugar but seriously one a week will do no harm

  7. flashman362 says:

    Dude I’m 13 and I had 87 monsters since august and I’m fine. I usually have 3 to 1 a week plus the days when I drink alot. It’s like anything else don’t have too much of it.

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